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1470106588zombie-apocalypse-mayhem.jpgThis website provides detailed instructions for building “useful items” that will help you survive the Zombie Apocalypse ( independent of how the Zombies are created ).

3D Printers are an extremely useful tool if:

  • Your 3D Printer is “tuned” ( Capable of printing high resolution 3D Models )
  • You know how to maintain your 3D Printer
  • You have access to high resolution 3D models for the “things you need”
  • You know how to transform a 3D model into 3D Printer “machine code” ( Slicing )
  • You know how to combine materials and techniques to transform “ideas” into “working things”

At the Krakatoa Ranch we have done our research:

  • Identified a professional quality 3D Printer “kit”
  • Developed the skills to assemble, enhance and tune our selected 3D Printer Kit
  • Developed the skills to maintain our selected 3D Printer
  • Developed the skills to create high resolution 3D Models
  • Developed the skills to transform high resolution 3D Models into machine code for our selected 3D Printer
  • Developed extensive product design expertise over decades

Developing the necessary skills required years…. and we think we are pretty smart ( Professional Engineers ).

We believe the “barrier for entry” may be substantially reduced for People who are concerned about survival => We sell “assembled and tuned” 3D Printers as well as 3D Models for “necessary things”. ( OK, some of our “things” are not absolutely “necessary” but they are generally “handy” ). If you purchase one of our 3D Printers you are also purchasing all of our current and FUTURE 3D Models that we have for sale on our Trading Post.

We don’t simply provide the 3D models => We provide the optimized 3D Printer “machine code” so that you have a “push button” solution ( This “optimized machine code” will only work with the 3D Printers we build and sell => The “machine code” is specific to the “machine” and how that machine is enhanced and tuned. )

RGB LED Grow Light Green TestWe don’t generally create “things” that are entirely 3D Printed: You can’t build a working electronics system or sub-system with 3D printed only parts ( You need resistors, capacitors, inductors, Integrated Circuits, etc.. ). We make extensive use of commonly available materials and we provide references ( links ) to suppliers & parts so that you may secure the components you need to complete any project.

NOTE: Currently, we receive NO support from any of the suppliers / manufacturers we reference ⇒ These are the items we use and have found to work. We are not opposed to Supplier / Manufacture support: Feel free to make a donation or contact us for other options ( Consulting, Reference Design Development, etc… )

It is amazing what you may create with a 3D Printer:

  • High Voltage, High Current Electronic Systems & Sub-Systems ( low voltage, low current is also “easy” )
  • Motors / generators
  • pulleys, gears….
  • Windmills, watermills, etc..
  • gaskets, shoes, clothes
  • ….

Site Purpose:

This is our site where we dive into the details of how to build “useful things”. We ‘dive’ to an annoying level of detail simply because we have no idea what is “common knowledge” and would prefer to error on the side of “data overload”.

These “How To” articles are a pain to write => First we must design, build, test & iterate until the “useful thing” is both useful and reasonably optimized ( any motivated person could repeat the build process => We won’t tell you that “No Skills are required” because that is a false statement: Soldering is required to build electronic “things”….. However, any motivated person could learn how to solder => It’s not that difficult and with a little practice is easy to become “competent” )


Politically IncorrectWe do not intend to offend but we are not going to be careful with our words in order not to offend => If we offend you please do not visit our website.

This is a site for folks who are serious about survival and have skins thick enough to allow other people their unadulterated opinions.

Our Products are “for sale”:

This is not a “free 3D Model site”: We invest a lot of time and energy perfecting our designs before they are written about on this site.

We provide our 3D Models for “Personal Use”, “Resale” at extremely reasonable rates on our Trading Post. We need enough income to keep the lights on, the internet running and enough food in our bellies so that we may focus our efforts creating the next “useful thing”.

Our 3D model costs for Personal Use are extremely reasonable ( $1, $4, $6, $10… ).

The “best deal” ( it’s a steal ) is to purchase a 3D Printer from us => All of the 3D models for the “products” we have designed or will ever design for our Trading Post are included.

We do sell our designs as “physical products” but we don’t recommend that anyone purchases our products due to the ridiculous prices unless:

  • You are planning on building one of our products and you want a physical example “in your hands” to help you rapidly develop product comprehension
  • You are an old-school, flat-land Printed Circuit Board ( PCB ) designers ( or design house ) and you want to see the future => True 3D PCBs
  • You want to support our efforts => Hugely appreciated!!

A Little About Us:

3D.KrakatoaRanch Inc. is a family owned and operated corporation located in the high plains of Colorado (Keenesburg, Colorado).

KRanch is our founder & primary designer and is so far “right-wing” that he looped all the way back to the left and agrees with Democratic Socialists that supported Bernie Sanders in his run for the 2016 POTUS position: The “kids” identified the correct problems => Unfortunately they believe that the solution to an obviously corrupt, anti-human Government is “more government” (KRanch does not agree with their “solutions” but admires their energy and tenacity)

KRanch is and was a hippy: Despises War, communists, socialists, fascists, globalists, cronie-capitalists => Loves Liberty, guns, trucks, tractors, engines, hydraulics, (Machines in general), his children, his dogs… and puts up with the farm cats.

KRanch has over 3 decades of experience designing products for corporations: Everything from missile guidance systems to the tools many PCB designers use to design their products.

Buckaroo is the idealist and artist (young…) and a promising “up and coming” engineer.

Buckaroo created the artwork for our Logo => Escaping the control of the Illuminati requires creativity, adopting modern technologies and one pissed off “Ghost Bull” spirit guide.

RagingBull is our in-house socialist (Democrat) => “Family”: You love em anyway….

RagingBull provides a necessary counter-point to KRanch => After all, we do want everyone to survive the Zombie Apocalypse independent of politics….